Photo by Jess Rose Photography

Ernie first encountered the world of burlesque in London 2005 when he saw Immodesty Blaize's show on the West End. From that day he knew that one day he too would be ripping off his clothes - albeit not so glamorously!

In January 2015 Ernie finally got around to performing his first boylesque, however due to a restrictive career and employment contract it meant his work had to stay underground until finally breaking free in 2016! Now it's all tassels out and blazing!

Ernie Sparkles' first and most successful routine - Milkshake has been developed and refined over the past two years and is now massively enjoyed by audiences. He is also continuously devising and thinking of new routines to offer. His latest being his act 'Song of the Sea'.

Craig Kirkwood Photography

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